Advertise with St. Mary’s Messenger

We are pleased to offer advertising space to a select group of companies which will benefit our readers. Please contact us for pricing.

Here are the specifications:

Magazine Ads

Graphics must be 300 dpi or greater, and should be submitted as a TIFF or JPEG. Please do not send a PDF unless you really can’t send it as a TIFF.

Here are various ad sizes. These sizes all include a bleed of an eighth inch (9pt or 0.125”) around the edges. This is so your background can “bleed” off the edge of the page. The bleed gets trimmed off, so make sure no important graphical elements are that close to the edge.

  • Full-size ad: 8.75” by 11.25”.
  • Half page ad, horizontal: 8.75” by 5.75”
  • Half page ad, vertical: 4.5” by 11.25”
  • Quarter page ad: 4.5” by 5.75”

Online Ads

We are also open to online ads, which are featured in our sidebar. The size is 120×60 pixels. Please, no animation.

Thank you for choosing to advertise with St. Mary’s Messenger!

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