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St. Mary's Messenger is a full-sized, full-color, stand-alone, 32-page, quarterly Catholic magazine for kids, ages 7 to 12! Yearly subscriptions (4 issues) are now available for $19.95. Subscribe now!!! Next issue: Fall 2017 Kris Weipert, Senior Editor St. Mary's Messenger helps enlighten, entertain and educate children about their Catholic faith. How? With... Interesting articles about... Continue Reading →

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2014 Winter

From the Editor Can We See God? Holy Hearts St. Valentine’s Day Facts Bless Your Heart! To Love or Not to Love? Fireproof Ashes to Ashes Catechism Corner Book Review Diabetes Is My Cross Pieces of Me Science that Saves Wild Swans Jason and Jake Sacrifice Bead Jar Ice Cold Fun Fun Pages Sample Pages:

2014 Summer

Contents From the Editor Fish Facts The Rock Pile Catechism Corner A Fisherman’s Prayer Gafftopsail Catfish The Fishermen Conventional Franciscans The Flying Friar St. Joseph of Cupertino The Prince of Auschwitz St. Maximilian Kolbe Oldies But Goodies Swing Low, Sweet Chariot The Incredible Infant Jesus Hidden Treasures Ring of Trouble St. Peter’s Fishing Game Rocks You Can Eat Diggin’ in the Dirt Let’s Go Outside Laugh Out Loud Fun Pages Sample Pages:

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